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THINK TANK on Collective Intelligence

Results of the project

This section includes publications of research group in various scientific journals and conference proceedings.
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At the stage of quantitative research the extent and major trends of the engagement and participation of the society members and other stakeholder groups in building collective intelligence were explored.
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Qualitative research was fulfilled in order to deepen and develop further knowledge about the processes taking place in the initiation and implementation of virtual community projects, particular features of CI, its main characteristics and factors and barriers fostering or preventing its formation.
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An experiment was planned to test complex hypotheses regarding the specifics and preconditions of CI formation in real environments of indirect communication and to compare the results with those of the model.
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Project "Social technologies for Developing Collective Intelligence in Networked Society". Nr. VP1-3.1-ŠMM-07-K-03-030 is funded by the European Social Fund under the Global Grant measure.