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THINK TANK on Collective Intelligence

What is collective intelligence?

Collective intelligence (CI) is an interdisciplinary field that overlaps with many other disciplines, including computer science, management, network science, economics, social psychology, sociology, political science etc. Collective intelligence differs from individual intelligence because it encompasses a social dimension. CI, in some form, has been existed at least as long as humans have.  Families, companies, and countries are all groups of individual people doing things that at least sometimes seem intelligent (Malone, 2012). “Wisdom of crowd” concept of Surowiecki (2004), that individuals and groups can more effectively and sustainably react to societal changes by acting on the basis of a collective intelligence and collective awareness of problems and possible solutions. At group or collective level cognitive ability called intelligence is a factor underlying creativity and innovation.  In the last few years, a new kind of collective intelligence has begun to emerge: groups of people and computers, connected by the Internet, started to create collectively high quality intellectual products. The success of systems like Google, Wikipedia or InnoCentive suggest that the number of social technologies based CI systems will grow in the future and the goal of the research is to understand how to take advantage of these possibilities to tackle societal challenges.“Since the future is basically unpredictable and uncertain, society must rely on creative initiatives from the citizens to be able to create the desired future” (Johannessen, 2001).

Collective intelligence: video

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